GRP 12 Pilot

Boat designed for piloting services in collaboration with the Pilot Body of Genoa. Designed to reduce operating costs and increase shipboard stability.

Maneuverability and reduced fuel consumption
The tubular and hull shape is designed to have a better look
Stability under the ship, increased reactivity in phase
Maneuver and low fuel consumption due to the possibility of installing engines
Less potent.

Aft protection
The particular shape of the perimeter tubular at the stern is
Was designed and designed for greater protection
Of the boat and of the transmissions especially during
The detachment from the ship.

Great visibility
Layout and cabin with a 360 ° view for a total and safe
Control during maneuvers.

Propulsion system
Transmissions have been designed to reduce maintenance and
So its management costs compared to the classic axle lines.
Moreover, the propellers are more protected by any objects
Present in the sea as they are not totally below the hull.


Length: 11.98 mt
Width: 3.30 mt
Capacity: 10 people
Tubular diameter: 63 cm
No. 8 Tubular watertight compartments
Road transport with tubular deflections
Fuel tank capacity 1000 lt
No. 2 engines 470 HP Diesel

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