Company history


The Mancini shipyard was founded in 1958 a few kilometers from Venice, started by his father as a metallurgical workshop for civil structures.

The two sons followed in their father's footsteps leading, from then until today, with will and taste for research, qualifying themselves in the processing and technical application of metallic materials.

Cantieri Mancini

The influence of the place, the call of the sea, as well as the need for growth and diversification have led the Mancinis, currently in their third generation; to further develop shipbuilding.

Mancini shipyards
Mancini shipyards
Mancini shipyards
Mancini now

Our mission: to exceed customer expectations, presenting itself on the market with high-quality and constantly evolving products and services.

The Mancini shipyard has acquired capacity and experience over the years, becoming an important production company capable of developing various requests on steel, aluminum and composite materials boats under the strict supervision of the major certifying bodies.

Hence the development ofboats diversified in use for military and professional uses.

Furthermore, the site is organized with:
Certification body

IT system for company management and orders


2D and 3D CAD
Certification body

computerized design system


Certification body

numerically controlled production machinery


UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008
Certification body

quality management system


UNI EN ISO 15614
Certification body

qualification system for welding procedures


UNI EN ISO 9712: 2012
Certification body

welding quality certification system by means of non-destructive tests with penetrating liquids